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Here are my works. Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures, I know how some people frown upon pictures of sketches, but I don't mind really. ^_^
Whereas I love drawing, writing is my true passion. So take a look at my fanfics if you want. It's totally cool if you don't though! XD

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All the people who did these works totally deserve credit!
You guys are awesome! XD




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Mine actually starts long before I became a member. XD Me and my friend from school had discovered deviantArt when I was about 12. We would love searching all manner of pictures. (My case, the anime. XD) It got to the point we went on so much that we got the website blocked from our school... XD
Fast forward years later when I'm about 17/18 years old. I was in sixth form and a new school. My best friend at the time (I say at the time because she doesn't talk to me anymore and I found out she used to resent me.. :/ ) and my other friend (who also happened to be the first guy I dated when I was 13. XD) told me I should get a dA account because I could put my work up online. This was great considering I was an art student at that point. I made a few friends but stopped going on as I had far too much coursework.

Then came the really long boring summer when I finished school, waiting to start university. I decided to restart going on dA. This was in part to me missing my online life and I wanted to get involved more with the Shaman King fandom. Just having finished reading the Shaman King manga, I was quite obsessed to say the least. I came across some really nice people in the fandom to whom I still speak with today. (Ano-chan :iconmsanonymous1: and Nana-chan! :iconnanako87: ) Little did I know, however, that the summer and the Shaman King fandom would change my life.

July 19th 2011, I came across a demote poster of Faust from Shaman King. It was pretty funny to say the least. The uploader was :iconsharingan-shinobi: We began talking lots and lots and lots and very soon he became one of my best friends. He was even the very first member of my group Shaman King Obsession. Quickly I became close friends with :iconfaustyix: :iconsimarlin: and :icontdi-luver-4eva: All five of us had a very deep love for Shaman King and found we were all online at the same time quite often. We soon became known as the Meowface Alliance and had a chatroom for us to hang out. Honestly, those girls are more like the sisters I never had... I love them so much. :')

Through the chatrooms and MSN (ah the good ol' days. XD), I grew even closer to :iconsharingan-shinobi: than I already was, realising we had SO much in common. I found myself really liking him despite I was already in a relationship.
Inner Hanyou: you whore...
Hey! My relationship with my ex was breaking down! You know that! Ahem. Yeah, my relationship at that point wasn't good. He felt more like a friend than boyfriend. Then... My godfather sadly passed away in the summer of 2011. I was sad to say the least and although I had my family with me, :iconsharingan-shinobi: was there too. I don't usually tell people online of my personal business, but I found myself telling him. He was so sweet... However, he couldn't be online the weekend of the funeral. When he returned on the Monday, he was very concerned about how I was feeling. I was touched and I finally admitted to myself that I was falling out of love with my then boyfriend and falling for him.

Queue September 2011! My Shaman King fanfic is doing awesome (read it guys!!!), I found myself loving dA and Meowface Alliance and I was starting university. I was terrified because it was a new chapter in my life but the ongoing support I had here on dA made me feel I could brave it! It was the month I broke up with my ex too. So a completely new life lay ahead!
Inner Hanyou: You broke up with him over Facebook... -___-;
Okay... I'm not proud of that... XD But me and my ex are still really good friends so it's all good! :)
With me being single again, I felt like it was time I confessed to :iconsharingan-shinobi: One drunken message and then an actual confession 2 days later, we became an item. We didn't care about the 5,000+ mile distance. XD We still don't. He visited me in England in 2013 and I went to Brazil in the March of this year.

Since uni I have been on and off dA due to mental health problems and coursework but the bitch is back now! >: D

Tl;DR version: dA has given me love, warmth and acceptance. It has changed my life and I owe it.

Other notable friends during my time on dA: :icondezu-the-shaman: :iconkatsumi-17: :iconlidianne: :iconshane-zero: (Sorry if I missed anyone! D: )


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United Kingdom
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____*━___━━_*___━━____*━━____*━━­­­╰O-O----O-O Nyan Cat ftw~!



Well what can I say?
I'm insane! XD
With that out of my system, I'm just your average 21 year old graduate nerd who has a deep love for anime, writing and drawing. And cookies. Hells yeah do I love the cookies.

I joined dA to rekindle my love of drawing and writing and to share that with the world~ I'm also here to improve myself so all criticism is welcome~! I do request but please don't rush me on them. I can't work to the best of my ability if I feel pressured.

Feel free to talk, fav and comment~ I don't bite but I am random!


Random facts! XD
I like being hyper!
I love wolves!
I'm a scorpio!
I LOVE games but I rarely have time to play them... T^T
Mario Kart is my favourite game in existence~
I'm born in the year of the monkey!
I really really really love cookies~!
I have a degree in Media Production~!
I have a recognised qualification in intermediate Japanese!
I hiccup when I'm anxious or stressed~! (Yeah that can get embarassing! XD)
I write anime reviews and articles for… This would be the greatest job in the world if I was paid for it... T^T
I have the most awesomely awesome fiance in the history of the world! :iconsharingan-shinobi: We met here on dA and have been together for 2 years and 10 months and engaged for three months!
Because said fiance is Brazilian, I've taken it upon myself to learn Portuguese. Which I find harder than Japanese... T^T So if you're a Portuguese speaker: fala com mim em portugues por favor e desculpe para meu erros. XD

BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designFrench 3 by Faeth-designPortuguese Language Level: Beginner by JMCV29


Favourite anime/ manga series and why!
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Great story, action, art. Plus it has personal sentimental values.

Shaman King. (manga especially)
Fantastic story, action, drama which is followed by great comic relief. And has the most likable characters ever. I actually care what happens to them. Lol. Oh and it has an epic villain. Something essential to shonen animes.

Soul Eater.
Great characters, action and brilliant comedy! The characters are fantastic and are all individual. Although Black Star gets annoying from time to time... Oh, love the gothic art.

Okay, the plot gets repetitive, the characters get annoying and Naraku is one of the worst villains in my opinion but I love the series. I kinda wanna know what happens to the characters and the comedy is pretty simple yet effective.

Spice and Wolf.
Weirdly enough I enjoy it. Horo's naked half the time and the business talk still confuses me, but it's a funny series and you can't help but love the flirting that goes on between Lawrence and Horo.

Samurai Champloo.
Short, sweet, dramatic, action that kept me on the edge of my seat, hilarious comedy, well thought out characters.

Hakushaku to yousei.
Bits of the plot weren't explained properly, but hell, it made my heart flutter. I can identify with Lydia, and Edgar was a great character. The art... oh my word, the art is gorgeous. My fav Shoujo anime.

My goodness do I love this anime. It's a hilarious school life anime wth out any fanservice shots! The art is great, the comedy is pure genius, the music is incredibly addictive and the plot is very basic but it works. Another reason why I love this anime so much is that it reminds me of my time in Sixth Form. Just replace music room with art room.

Sword Art Online
This anime... Just wow... At first I thought the pacing seemed a bit fast but other than that. This anime is just... amazing! The story, the characters, the art, the action! It had everything I love in an anime! And I can identify with Kirito and Asuna's relationship. Being in a long term relationship that started online, I know the pain they're going through wanting to be with each other physically and be able to do all the normal couple-y things. This journal explains more~…

Wow... writing that made me seem highly critical... :/ but I swear I'm not! :meow:



Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK
Don't mess with a British person's cup of tea-

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